Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nightgown Becomes Slip

I don't remember where I got this nightgown, but I don't like slinky nightgowns.  I do love animal prints so I decided to turn this into a slip.

I folded it in half lengthwise and measured from the bottom up each side the length that I wanted the slip to be and the fabric would allow.  I placed a pin at each spot.  Then I used my ruler and rotary cutter to cut of the top of the nightgown at the pin markings.
I made a casing at the top to fit 1/4 inch elastic.

The finished product.

Denim Jeans Become Denim Twirly Skirt

This is the Pattern I used along with 6 pairs of jeans.

This skirt is 3 tiers.  Two pair of jeans are used for each tier.  I wanted the top tier to be the darkest and each tier to become lighter as they went down.  I forgot to get a picture before I cut up the jeans, but I had enough leftover to take a picture with.  The center 2 pairs of jeans are the same brand and same color.

First I cut off the hem of the pants for another project.  Then I opened up each pant leg by cutting along the inside leg seam.

I put the straight of grain line of the pattern on the grain line of the pant leg.

Here is the top tier.  Find the part of the jeans that you like the coloring best and place the pattern on that spot.

Tier two was harder to place.  I had to put it where it would fit and still be on the straight of grain.  You can see that I had to put the edges into the seam allowance.  The top left portion of the pattern was in the seam allowance too.  I cut the pattern out first and then picked of the little extra piece from the front of the jeans.  Several of my center pieces have the side seam in the middle tier pieces.  There just wasn't enough material to cut it out otherwise.

The bottom tier was the easiest since the pieces were small.  I could have cut out all nine pieces from one pair of jeans, but I wanted the two shades of blue in the bottom like the top.

This skirt has nine pieces to each tier.  I chose to cut six pieces from one pair of jeans and three from the other pair for each tier.

NOTE:  The lengthwise seams are all serged.  They unraveled quickly while making the skirt.  The crosswise seams are not serged.  They didn't ravel.

NOTE:  My skirt is a size large and I found that the larger the jeans the better.  More room to work around stains and holes.

Here is what the skirt looks like on.