Sunday, November 15, 2015

Princess Elsa Dress

I went to Hancock Fabrics one day and the specialty fabrics were $3.77 a yard.  I wanted to make a Princess Elsa dress for my granddaughter.  She wasn't too happy about the fabric colors when I first came home with them.  I kept telling her that it was a Princess Elsa "STYLE" dress then and that was better.  I finally finished the dress yesterday and took it to her today and she loves it.

Here is the pattern.

Here she is with her dress.  Now she calls it her Princess Elsa dress.  It is long, but she is happy to know that it will fit her for a long time and wants high-heals for now.  

Princess Amber Dress

My niece wanted to be Princess Sophia for Halloween and her sister to be Princess Amber.  Well Amber dresses are nowhere to be found, so I made one.  Here it is.

I used these patterns to create the dress.  The Snow White dress was the pattern I used without the sleeves.  I used the sleeves from the Princess Elsa dress.