Thursday, October 20, 2016

Making a Halloween T-Shirt Larger

I got this t-shirt from a free clothing fair.

It is on top of the red t-shirt to show how much bigger it needs to become.

I got the black t-shirt and the orange knit dress from the clothing fair also.  These are the items I used to remake the Halloween t-shirt.  I took the Halloween t-shirt apart before I remembered to take a picture of it with the other clothing items.

I pinned the sides of the white t-shirt together before cutting the black t-shirt strips. I cut strips from the side of the black t-shirt following the curve of the white t-shirt on one side and straight on the other side.  I didn't measure the black strip.  I just cut a strip that looked good to me and used that strip as my pattern for the other strips.

 I sewed the black strips on and placed it on the red t-shirt again. It still needs to be a little larger.

I then cut an orange strip from the skirt of the knit dress about the same with as the black strip, but straight on both sides.

The working picture of the shoulder part is missing so I turned the t-shirt inside out, tucked the sleeves in and took a picture.  I used the white t-shirt shoulder line and cut from the black t-shirt the same way as I did the side pieces. The original piece of black fabric was about 3 inches wider and 2 inches longer.

Then I placed my favorite t-shirt pattern on top of the shirt and cut out the arm holes to match the pattern.  Sorry it doesn't lie flat and look like it matches the pattern, but it really does.

I debated about adding strips to the top of the white sleeves or cutting new sleeves.  It needed more fabric on the underarm too, so I decided to just make new orange sleeves using my favorite t-shirt pattern.

Here is the final result.

Next time I will do the sleeve area first.  It would have been easier to get the underarm curve cut and sewn.