Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Camo Backpack

Hubby picked out fabric to match his camouflage clothes and when we got home we found that they weren't a match, so a grandson got a camouflage backpack for Christmas.
I bought a  pattern and was very unhappy with it when I took the pieces out of the envelope.  The backpack wasn't lined and didn't have all the pockets I thought it should have.  It was to small also.

I added two inches to the width.  Four inches to the height and I don't even know how much to the depth. There was no zippered pocket on the front and the short front pocket had no extra fabric for anything with any thickness to fit without pushing into the space inside the backpack.  No loop on top either.

 Here is the side view.  This backpack can hold a lot.

Since I enlarged the backpack so much I decided that plain belting straps would never do. I decided to make padded straps to make a heavy load more comfortable to carry.

I purposely made this difficult to see, but if you look closely you can see something orange in the backpack.  I embroidered my grandson's full name in the lining.
Not only did I embroider it once, his whole name is on both sides inside the backpack.  His first name is on one side near the bottom and below each end of the zipper.  No stealing this backpack and getting away with it.
After all that he doesn't want to take it to school.  He plans to use it for camping, traveling, and things like that.

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